Strongly attached to spices and tender vegetable, l’Alexandrin offers a large range of temptations. « L’Esprit de Lyon » will take you on the path of Lyon’s wonders updated by an ambitious chef.
So « à table et bon appétit ! »

On a spicy theme…

Assortiment of five current novelties

Duck foie gras terrine with a figs heart and smoked breast of duck, vanilla juice, mesclun salad and pistachio.

Roasted scallops, fried boletus, risotto Arborio, shavings of parmesan and it’s creamy sauce.

Sea bass steak on a pumpkin and candied orange puree, baby onions and bacon, saffron sauce.

Lemon and mint sorbet with vodka.

Roasted loin of venison in a red wine sauce, sauted chanterelle, celeriac and Jesusalem artichoke puree, fruits chutney and it’s sorbet.

Saint Nectaire cheese with blueberry jam.

Choice of desserts.

Full Menu : 115 euros
Menu « choice of three courses, cheese and dessert: 95 euros
Menu « choice of two courses, cheese and dessert: 75 euros

Spirit of Lyon

Selection of five novelties

Thin apple and black pudding tart and cider butter sauce.

Authentic pike muslin and its crawfish creamy juice.

Fennel sorbet with green Chartreuse liquor.

Bresse poultry in vinegar sauce, crush potatoes and honey glazed small vegetables.

Half of a Saint-Marcellin cheese with a small watnut salad

Choice of desserts

Full Menu : 60 euros

Vegetables trends

Assortiment of five current novelties.

Boletus and tonka beans cappuccino, chestnut and roasted hazelnut.

Poached egg on a parmesan shortbread, black trumpets with pesto, shallots compote.

Chanterelle raviolo, crunchy snow peas, chanterelle creamy sauce and vanilla foam.

MrBail’s vegetable pot with roasted figs, wood hedgehog and fig sorbet

Brillat Savarin cheese with Muscat grape jam.

Choice of desserts.

Full Menu : 60 euros



« Guanaja » chocolate madeleine,  marmelade of orange candied in Grand Marnier, »Caribbean » chocolate dessert with a light nutty base, ginger and white chocolate sauce.

« Autumn »

Puff pastry filled with chestnuts cream, almond and cardamome mousse, chestnut and whisky ice cream.

 « Pear »

Pear and peanuts dessert, honey biscuit, pear sorbet, foam of honey and Sichuan Pepper, mulled wine sauce.


Shortbread base, passion fruit jelly, white chocolate and vanilla mousse, mango cream, pineapple dice, sesame biscuit, passion fruit sorbet and pomegranate coulis.


Seasonal fresh fruit salad and its sorbet selection.


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